Pokermatch for real money in India

Pokermatch is a well-known online casino in India. The platform has such a huge variety of games and has great conditions for spending your free time.

It is at this casino that you don't have to make a deposit to try your luck. You can play your favorite slots and poker for free, and you can ride your luck and win prizes in tournaments whose amount will surprise you. Pokermatch is not only known for its great user experience and comfort, but also for its free poker tournaments, which are rightfully rated number one in terms of winnings. Playing in tournaments from Pokermatch, you have a chance to draw random prizes and win up to ₹16 Lakh!

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Is it possible to play poker without paying any money

Fortunately for all players, it is possible to play poker for free, even without registering. There are demo games for this purpose, including poker. This is done for your convenience, so you can try playing for free first and then create a personal account and invest for big winnings.

Also, don't forget about the tournaments that are presented for poker enthusiasts. If you're unsure of your luck or if you have any other reason to be wary, you might want to try the free tournaments first. Just be aware of the fact that there are zero buy-in tournaments and there are free tournaments. The main difference with the zero buy-in match is that you have to be a registered player, while the free ones mean you get to play with no deposit and without any commitment, it's only after you win that you need your details to withdraw your prize.

Online casinos for real money with the sign-up bonus

Players from India who are just starting to dive into gambling should definitely know that when you register, a bonus is given to all newcomers without exception. Though it is not as big as the first deposit, it has its own value for everyone. Usually, these bonuses don't change that often, but sometimes they can be added on, but you need to keep track of that on the website, so you don't miss out on a good time.

Unlike other casinos, our casino does not exaggerate its bonus program, which is so appreciated by new users, because this way they feel that they aren't cheated from the very beginning. Trust is an important point when choosing a casino, so don't miss out on such an important point. The system should be built in such a way that you feel comfortable, both physically and psychologically.

Checking the reliability of Pokermatch for cash games

One of the most important criteria in choosing a casino is that it's legitimate and reliable, and you shouldn't have any worries about it. That way, you'll know right away that you and your funds will be completely safe and that everything you do is legal. Plus, it's all about privacy, which is so hard to keep secret in the 21st century. But Pokermatch, it's fair to say, handles this perfectly. In addition, having a licence will not allow this, as it is spelled out in the cooperation contract of the company which grants the licence. That's how any gambling house is controlled, so if anything happens you can always contact the licensing representative directly, whose e-mail is on the ”Contact Us” tab.

Licensed to play

Just like any other trusted and legitimate casino, Pokermatch has a licence, you could even say two licences, because, in addition to the Curaçao licence, the casino also has a Ukrainian licence. The Curaçao licence is of global importance to the gambling world and is extremely popular. From the beginning, investing heavily in the safety of their users has paid off and your winnings are now completely safe.

Reliable software developers

Foremost, it can be said that the software is a collection of different tools and programs that make the casino work. Included in this list is the Pokermatch app, which allows you to gamble without logging in to the website. Also, the whole interface you see on the site is the work of the software developer.

Pokermatch software is worked out in great detail and even if you look at the times when the game house was just rising in the charts of the best casinos, even then it was already incredibly well-thought-out and differed from the others in terms of convenience and modernity. Now, the casino has a well-designed website and a user-friendly mobile app.

Player bonuses

A special place in this article can be given to the bonuses that all gamblers are so well known for. Pokermatch really does make such huge winning opportunities. There's no catch, but to get any bonus you have to at least register and verify, the usual procedures without which it's impossible to play for real money. There are two main bonuses that are most stable, the sign-up bonus and the first deposit bonus It's these are given to everyone, but you can also find bonuses such as friend bonus, no deposit bonus, rakeback, and of course windfall tournaments. There are so many great features and promotions just by signing up, so why not choose Pokermatch for the excitement of the game?

An excellent reputation amongst the players

Amongst other things, Pokermatch has an impeccable reputation amongst professional players because it is always designed for your comfort. But, don't think that the downsides just aren't even on display, that's not the case. It's impossible to create a perfect gaming platform, but it is possible to bring it to the highest level, which is what the developers and the entire casino team have done. If you really want to hear the opinions of experienced players or poker experts in general, read the pros and cons on special forums, where all information is always spelled out. But to be honest, you won't find any pitfalls there, because they don't exist. All the disadvantages exist in the public domain and do not hide. But they are so insignificant that many people do not even pay attention to them or are not even aware of their existence.

Withdrawal timescale

The withdrawal time depends on the withdrawal method you choose: it could be a regular online account, virtual wallet, or cryptocurrency. It could take anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours and depends on your country of residence and of course on your internet connection. Withdrawing and depositing problems rarely happen, this is due to the fact that the automation of the system is well done, and all remarks do not go unnoticed. If you have any issues or questions, you can always contact technical support.

Also, if we talk about the withdrawal limit, it can be said that the minimum can be withdrawn ₹500. This is done for the safety of the casino and yours, and it's the same system that prevents scam artists from cheating.

Quality of support

Pokermatch doesn't have a hotline, but they don't need one. Technical support is so rarely contacted that personal email, which is listed in the company's contacts tab, is enough. The casino team responds very quickly. But at the same time, the answer has a lot of information that is needed.

Also, if you need help with any issue, everything will be done in a short time and perfectly, plus the developers always remember such cases and work through them first, so that you and other players never run into these troubles again.

Playing slot machines for money from your phone

For everyone's usability, the Pokermatch team decided at some point to make a separate app that is just as good as the website. The software exists for iOS, Android, and Windows. All of them are available for free; you don't even need to register to use them. Site is available in English and Hindi. However, you should be aware that the program may malfunction on very weak devices. On the plus side, users of the application can highlight easy settings, fast installation, and easy operation even on very old devices.

Pokermatch app for Android

In order to download the mobile version, you need to:

  1. Allow downloads from unknown sources, you can do this in your settings (this is necessary because any mobile device will only recognize apps that are downloaded from the app shop);
  2. Go to the official website and find the right tab for downloading;
  3. Click on the download link and wait until the file is fully installed (sometimes you need to enter “Downloads” and confirm the download because not all applications download automatically);
  4. You can display the application on the main window of your phone for your convenience;
  5. After that, open the app and log in to your personal account, if you don't already have one, register. You can do this directly in the app.

iPhone version

In the case that you are the owner of a mobile device with iOS software, then:

  1. Check your geolocation, because the software cannot be downloaded in all countries due to the limitations of each state;
  2. Visit the official website;
  3. Find the window where you can download the software;
  4. Click on the link and wait for the file to finish downloading;
  5. Go to the application and log in to your personal account.

Slot machines for money: advantages over free games

When choosing to play for real money, you can highlight the main advantages:

Real winnings

Unlike demos, when you play for real money you can easily win a prize, and most importantly a real one. Even when it comes to poker tournaments, which are the only chance to earn without investing, you can still win something, but they only give prizes to the first three winners, the matches are rare, so you will have enormous competition.

Extra features

Most slots don't have any extra rounds when playing the demo, such as bonus games or risk games. They're usually presented in a very interesting and creative way, so this is also a big advantage, because that way you can get more enjoyment out of a game that's done really well.

Great choice

Many slot machines are unfortunately not available in the demo, so after making a deposit or no deposit bonus you can see a huge range that will surprise you with its variety. This is done to intrigue the player. Jackpots and bonus programs

This plus is more about bonuses, which in most cases are only available when playing for real money. These can be various freespins, no deposit bonuses, wildfalls, and of course jackpots, which add colorfulness to any machine.

Jackpots at Pokermatch Casino in India

The word jackpot gets a twinkle in many a player's eyes when they say it. That's because they all know that jackpots represent big winnings for your money. The casino gives every registered player who is playing for real money to play jackpot games. These are usually found in slots, but poker is no exception and has its own playing conditions, but it all depends on the type of poker.

If you've wondered if there are any conditions in a casino to hit the jackpot, the answer is a clear no. Even though it's available to everyone, it depends on each slot machine and, since all the slots are created by completely different providers, you'll need to see the specifications of each game to see if the jackpot is available, which will help you hit the jackpot a lot faster.


What are the popular online slots for money at Pokermatch Casino in India?

One of the most popular slots among casinos is Book of Ra and of course, you can find it on the website as well. It has several versions that have been around for almost a decade, so it's improved, but the provider has managed to keep the same atmosphere and entourage.

How do I get free spins and other bonuses to play online?

You can only get bonuses after registering, otherwise, it won't make sense. Why would you want bonuses in the form of freespins, deposit promotions, and first deposit bonuses if you don't even have a personal account.

Which slot machines at the institution allow you to win more money?

In order to understand where you can win a huge prize, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the slot and by studying it you can already set goals in the form of huge prizes. It can also be assumed that the most difficult slot machines have the biggest winnings and the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

How do I play online slots for free?

To play slots for free, you don't need to register or verify, just go to the official website and select the slot machine you want. You'll immediately see a demo version of the game, but you should be aware that there's no way to win real money in a slot demo.