PokerMatch Casino rewards and bonuses

PokerMatch online casino offers different bonus programs: for existing customers and players who are just registering. Newcomers are offered a PokerMatch bonus code to activate the welcome accruals. Registered visitors can participate in tournaments and poker games with a bad beat. There are other ways to participate in our rewards programs. More on all of them is below.

Deciding on the best option can be done in a few steps:

  • Open the relevant section of PokerMatch's website with bonus reviews.
  • Explore the available ones and choose which ones are best suited.
  • Follow the instructions for getting them.
  • Everyone decides for himself which option is best for him.

PokerMatch Casino no deposit bonus

To get started, let's understand the terminology of casino PokerMatch. “No deposit bonus” is one that is given for doing something. It is given for registering or depositing an account. This type of reward has increased wagers. The wagers are the minimum number of bets one must wager in order to withdraw from one's account.

Types of no deposit bonus

Let's take a closer look at the promotions that Poker Match offers.

No Deposit Bonus

When registering with PokerMatch, decide between an instant gift or a wagering bonus. There are a total of 12 items to decide from. There are a few steps you need to take in order to count on it:

  • Register on the site.
  • Confirm email.
  • Deposit money (minimum just under ₹500) from the welcome codes.
  • Decide on one of 12 reward options to choose from.

If you didn't enter a bonus code when you signed up for PokerMatch, the welcome reward is still valid. The only thing is that you have to do it 60 days after you sign up. Make sure you confirm your email address to receive the Poker Match bonus. If you don't follow this condition before the welcome code is credited, it won't work.

The instant signup bonus from PokerMatch will be credited to your account immediately, without wagering. The amount deposited corresponds to the numbers in the code.

The larger bonus is wagering. It is given in installments during a poker game. All details on wagering of the bonus funds are displayed in the “PAYMENTS” section of myAlpari. There you can also see your progress. The wagering period is 30 days from the date of registration. Unspent bonus funds will be cancelled.

Holiday gifts

In the relevant section of the PokerMatch website, there is a page with promotions and a calendar of events for the current month. This data is regularly updated. Keep monitoring the page to take advantage of attractive offers.

PokerMatch offers individual bonuses in India, e.g. for birthdays. It is usually a small royalty with easily achievable wagering requirements. The administration sets the amount individually, taking into account the status of the participant and their merit.

VIP Membership Bonus

There is no such thing as a VIP status for visitors to PokerMatch. But there is a program with a hefty rakeback. If you're an active gambler, and you're betting big, you can expect to rake in a lot of cash.

Rakeback is a refund of the rake, which is the commission that the online casino takes from each wager during the game. Rakeback is an added bonus. The standard rake is 5%. But PokerMatch sticks to an honest rake calculation – Contributed. Everyone is raked on the amount deposited into the pot. The more bets, the bigger the share of the rake paid. For the transferred commission, the gambler receives points. In the future, they are exchanged for real money.

Rakeback on PokerMatch is charged depending on the level of the client. There are 9 of them. Points are awarded according to the level. The higher it is, the more points are given. When a user reaches a new level (but higher than level 2), they receive a Trump Card with one of 3 cash prizes. The higher it is, the bigger the points on the card. These can be applied as a contribution to tournament giveaways.

Deposit bonuses

If you select the PokerMatch wagering signup bonus, you will receive a 10% reward for a specified percentage of your rake. The wagering reward corresponds to the deposit made. To get your reward, enter the bonus code in PokerMatch during registration. The reward amount will automatically appear in your account. No other information is needed.

Cashback bonuses

PokerMatch is offering a cashback in a welcome package to those who register on the site for the first time. The same loyalty program is in place for existing customers. Promotions are offered as part of a specific game or in the Live casino.

Bonuses for using payment systems

There are no bonuses in PokerMatch for India and other countries for using a certain payment system. That may change at some point. Keep an eye on the Promotions and News section of the official website, so you don't miss any updates.

Referred customer bonuses

For all verified PokerMatch clients, there is a promotion called “Bonus for a friend”. Invite friends or acquaintances to join the gambling community and get up to ₹500 on deposit.

There are a few steps you have to follow in order to claim this PokerMatch Bonus in India:

  • Find the “Friend Bonus” section in your account.
  • Copy the link or promo code there.
  • Send the copied details to whom you want to invite.
  • Next, your mentee has to fulfill his part of the commitment: Register with PokerMatch using the link or promo code.
  • Verify your account.
  • Make a minimum deposit of less than ₹500
  • Make a mandatory rake.
  • The number of invitees is unlimited. Invite everyone you know. Form your own friendly team of gamblers.

Personal bonuses

PokerMatch takes a personalized approach to offer rewards. Visitors choose the programs that best suit them. There are offers for new customers; players who prefer different types of games and have different financial opportunities. The casino does not force its policy, but allows you to choose what you like.

Other types

A bad beat in Hold'em and Omaha

Poker players get paid even for losing games. Special tables are set up for this purpose, where, with a slightly higher commission, hand participants create the jackpot. Most of the bad beat stays with whoever had a double or higher four-bet combination but lost. These are the conditions for Hold'em. In Omaha, payouts happen if a combination starting with a rack of jacks loses. There must be 2 or more players at the table.

Blinds are minimal, and the jackpot can be quite large. The second-highest percentage of the bad-bid goes to the winner of the hand, with the rest going to the other participants in the game. Part of the money makes up the new jackpot, with a small percentage going to a PokerMatch commission.

New Windfall Tournaments

Windfall tournaments are the fastest way to win prize money and hit the jackpot in both Hold'em and OFC tournaments. There are now two types of tournaments, Windfall with Jackpot and Eugene Katchalov Winfall. Their prize pool is determined randomly before the game starts and can be up to 100,000 buy-ins!

How you can claim your Pokermatch Bonus

In the early days, it was possible to get royalties at online casino in the form of real money. Players wagered a small portion of this money and withdrew the rest. Therefore, the approach to giving rewards at virtual gambling establishments has changed. Now, the giving out of " pluses" from casinos presupposes certain actions from the player's side.

Real money

Newcomers need to wager a certain amount, active users need to invite a friend to join the platform, and so on. These conditions are uncomplicated and quite feasible.


PokerMatch does not currently run promotional programs with free spins. But there are slot machines that provide them with a certain set of symbols. You can find out whether there are such rewards from the description of the slot. Of course, the situation may change over time. To keep abreast of new developments, check the “Promotions” and “News” sections, and subscribe to pages in social networks. There you can also find a PokerMatch bonus code to activate the promotion.

Free Play

The poker room runs Hold'em, Omaha and Chinese Poker tournaments with no mandatory entry fees. These are usually accessed after you enter your password. Find PokerMatch India bonus codes on their social media pages. They are willingly shared by players on thematic sites. Some training programs publish access to their resources. Make the most of the freerolls.


PokerMatch bonuses are available for different categories of customers. There are offers for newcomers and existing members. In some cases, access is required in order to earn a reward. For example, in order to participate in poker tournaments in India, a bonus code from PokerMatch is required. It can be found on social networks, thematic sites, or training resources. The code is added to emails for casino subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bonuses does PokerMatch offer?

PokerMatch awards real money on deposit, bonus funds for participating in tournaments. Playing on some slots, you can count on free spins.

How do PokerMatch casino freespins work?

Freespins are provided in some slot machines. By making them, you don't need to bet. They are free spins that are given to the player after a set of symbols fall in a given order. During the free spins, additional spins or winnings on other combinations can be obtained.

What do I need to pay attention to in the bonus rules?

In general, you need to carefully study the rules of their accrual. Determine which category of players they are intended for, the financial conditions, the required actions in or out of the game.

Can I win with my free spins?

TYou can win more freespins with your free spins. It's also possible to win anything on certain combinations from the payout table, up to and including the jackpot if the slot has one.

What is a welcome bonus or package?

A welcome bonus or bundle is a bonus given to first-time customers. In order to claim them, verify your account. PokerMatch offers instant or wagering bonuses. Choose one of the 12 available.