Poker match deposit method

Regular customers of online casinos frequently have to deal with the process of depositing and withdrawing money from Pokermatch.

Of course, experienced gamers have set up this procedure over time and do it automatically, but new gamers have a lot of questions that they want to solve quickly and efficiently, so we suggest getting acquainted with all the payment systems (PS) in detail in this unique article.


Credit and debit cards

These days, it is hard to find a gambler who does not use a bank card in their everyday life. They can be credit or deposit cards, and most often they are Visa and MasterCard. They are the ones that hold the leading position in their segment today.

The main difference between these cards is that the funds on the credit card belong to the bank. It lends a certain amount of money to its client under certain conditions, the used funds have to be returned. A debit card is the client's own savings deposited on the card, which he uses at his discretion. The plus side of bank transfers is that there is usually no fee. The downside is that the processing time for deposits and withdrawals is much slower than with an e-wallet. It all depends on how fast you need the deposits.

Electronic wallets

There are many advantages to gamers choosing online wallets at Pokermatch Casino. An important benefit for the user is security. It provides all online wallet holders with the ability to avoid sending personal details directly to the online casino. Customers submit their personal details to the most popular online payment systems, which include: Skrill, NETELLER, PayPal, and others. They are valuable in their own right, given their excellent reputation in the payment world, and also guarantee the protection of the data provided. You will find such PSs (payment systems) and others on the Pokermatch casino website in India when you make your first deposit or simply reload. They are partly similar to each other, but they do have differences (costs and currency conversion fees). The player needs to have a bank account, debit, or credit card, which will be needed when connecting to the PS to start playing casino games. The most popular e-wallets in India are Skrill and NETELLER.


Customers of the best Pokermatch casino can now use the Piastrix e-wallet. Piastrix is an international e-wallet that helps you manage your finances. This wallet works with currencies like the dollar, and euro. The minimum deposit amount is ₹500. Funds are withdrawn without any fees. Transactions and deposits are made according to the currency of the casino account. With Piastrix the player replenishes his account quickly, makes the most profitable currency conversions, and safeguards the transfer of large sums of money. All transactions and current operations can be monitored from the mobile app all 24 hours.


AdvCash (Advcash or AdvCash) is a multi-currency free wallet and payment system, created for anonymous payments in the Internet space. Both companies and individuals can make financial transactions.

The payment system Advcash provides the following transactions:

  • make a deposit to the AdvCash wallet in Pokermatch and can be withdrawn at any ATM worldwide;
  • transfer funds to any bank card (Visa or MasterCard);
  • you can transfer money to electronic wallets;
  • you can exchange financial resources for cryptocurrency.

Fans of real-money gambling entertainment can register for free on the official website of this operator. And open an e-wallet or account, where transactions within the system are free, but with set limits. Deposit and withdrawal of funds in Pokermatch casino are carried out with a minimum fee.


Skrill/Moneybookers is one of the most commonly used methods of depositing funds to online casinos. You can get this wallet for free. The service supports 40 currencies and supports transactions in cryptocurrencies. Online money transactions provide:

  • security;
  • fast speed of transactions;
  • provides the ability to withdraw large winnings;
  • offers special promotional offers to regular customers;
  • guarantees confidentiality.

There is a 1% fee for the transfer between the gamer and the online casino site Pokermatch in India. This percentage can be considered conditional. You can also control your financial transactions using the Skrill mobile app.


With an ecoPayz account, you can deposit, transfer and spend money all over the world from one online account. You can open an ecoPayz account instantly and for free; you don't have to specify your bank account and your credit history won't be checked. You can deposit your funds any way you like, and the funds are credited immediately. EcoPayz uses the latest secured technology that will not expose your finances or your data. Users can download a modern and user-friendly mobile app with an improved interface to control their financial transactions conveniently.

How do I deposit money into Pokermatch from India? The steps you will need to take are as follows:

  • Go to the Pokermatch casino website;
  • Go to the Cashier section;
  • Open the “Deposit” tab and select ecoPayz;
  • Enter the desired amount of deposit;
  • In the authorization window to make a login and password;
  • Once you have logged in, select e-wallet and press “Send”.


NETELLER/Neteller is a type of PS money transfer via the World Wide Web. The most important advantage over other systems is the popularity of its use by customers of many online casino sites in India. Perhaps that is why players in India use it most often. Money can be deposited via a form on the website, a credit card transfer or a bank account transfer. Neteller provides customers with nice bonus offers. When it comes to online gambling in India, is liked because of its low fees (from 2.95% to 1.25%) and excellent customer support availability.


How to deposit money into Pokermatch via PayPal? PayPal is the best e-Service that allows you to deposit money quickly and easily. Alternatively, you may use our mobile app to manage your e-wallet, and you may also attach a bank card or bank account to your account. The system supports more than 25 currencies, there is a conversion fee of 2.5%, 2.9% to 3.9% of the transfer amount.

Using cryptocurrency for payments at Pokermatch Casino

Pokermatch's deposit and withdrawal options include a slightly different method that was created in 2008 – cryptocurrency. This money transfer system is a virtual currency – Bitcoin. Today, depositing in this currency is not a new thing at all, but rather commonplace. Payment with the alternative currency in a gaming site is made instantly and most often without any extra fees. There are gamers in India who own bitcoins, but not many dare to gamble with them as their value is increasing significantly.


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that is second in popularity to Bitcoin. It uses the currency LTC. It attracts gamers with fast deposit and withdrawal of cash winnings. Furthermore, it also has a number of advantages (anonymity, fairness of game results, cheaper transactions, and fast transfer of coins). You can use it to play different online casino games (slots, roulette, quick games, and Live Casino).

Cash Bitcoin

Most of the perks will be available to players who choose to play on Cash Bitcoin. The branching was done in order to make cryptocurrency payment easier and more profitable. Partly it succeeded and there are casino clients who preferred Cash Bitcoin and not just for fun, but with a number of features: quick and not expensive transfers, good anonymity, simplicity and perspectives of improvement in the future while exchanging the currency profitably.


Cryptocurrency withdrawal options have another one in sight - Ethereum. It is also no less popular in India. The advantage of cryptocurrency is that there are no intermediary companies, which reduces the theft of funds. To make a deposit, a player needs to create a profile in a cryptocurrency wallet, register with Pokermatch online casino, enter 'Payments', and select the Ethereum deposit method. To withdraw money to Pokermatch via Ethereum, the algorithm is as follows: go to the PS section on the official resource, click the withdrawal button and select the Ethereum method. Next, deposit the amount and confirm your actions.

Tether ERC20

Tether is a first mover in the world of stablecoins. It provides customers with a stable digital asset (stablecoin) that is pegged to the dollar exchange rate. The main feature of Tether is that it has no transaction blocks and provides fiat currency reserves. Advantages include transparent settlement, transactions are fast, low volatility, modest fees, excellent fraud protection, and popularity as well.


The main benefits of cryptocurrency:

  • Anonymity (the platform is secure, customers' personal data is carefully guarded, payments are confidential).
  • E-wallet in casino bitcoins can be split into minimum stakes, it allows you to play different gambling games (slots, roulette, poker and others).
  • You can play in any country.
  • High speed of cash transactions with minimal fees.
  • Unlimited financial movement and high-quality fraud protection.

Recharging your account with the help of a mobile operator

Recharging your account with the help of a mobile operator

  • If you want to make a deposit via a mobile phone operator, there are a few steps you can follow:
  • On the official website, go to the 'Cashier' section and open the 'Deposit' tab.
  • Specify the payment method and click on the “Deposit” button.
  • Enter the mobile phone number and the recharge amount, then click on the ” Deposit” button.


The electronic payment systems platform at the Pokermatch Virtual Casino in India is really complete. Here every player, both experienced and beginner, will find suitable ways of withdrawing from Pokermatch and depositing money. The payment systems have a huge number of advantages. One of them is the security that all customers at online casinos in India appreciate. Choose which system suits you best and get started gambling as soon as possible.