Withdrawing money from PokerMatch

Every player sooner or later comes to the question of withdrawing money from PokerMatch. The cashout mechanism is realized in a variety of ways and is quite simple. A small commission is charged for the transaction, and there is a withdrawal limit for PokerMatch. To understand it all, we suggest reading the article.


Withdrawal times

PokerMatch transfers players' funds as soon as they are requested. Their appearance in the client's account depends on the rules of the payment system. However, if you wish to withdraw money from PokerMatch India over the permitted limit, the casino reserves the right to verify the transaction.

Additional verification procedures are required for for large sums. PokerMatch reserves the right to require verification for smaller payouts as well.

Withdrawal fees

PokerMatch adheres to a policy of interest-free transfer of winnings to customers. However, different payment systems do charge transfer fees:

  • Bank cards – 1.5%-4%.
  • ecoPayz, AdvCash wallets – 2.5%.
  • Electronic wallets Skrill and Neteller - 1% and 3%.
  • Cryptocurrency – 1%.
  • Piastrix e-wallets do not charge a withdrawal fee.

PokerMatch casino withdrawal limit

There is no withdrawal limit from PokerMatch India. The customer can withdraw any amount – less than or equal to the deposit. For the safety of gamblers' funds.

Withdrawal notifications are sent via the site, from the personal cabinet. PokerMatch does not accept withdrawal requests made by phone or email. Any display of employee loyalty is forbidden.

PokerMatch may, on its part, provide identification procedures. The client will be asked to take a digital picture of their ID card and bank card if the transaction is being processed.

Payment systems in India

PokerMatch in India offers a wide range of withdrawal methods. All transfer fee is charged to the recipient and deducted from the transfer amount. Banks, payment systems, cryptocurrency wallets may have additional fees. The amount of this commission varies from time to time. To avoid spending more than you expect, follow these changes.

No matter the payment system, the withdrawal procedure is as follows:

  • On the official site PokerMatch, go to the tab "Payments".
  • Find the "Withdraw" section. Its full functionality is only available after verification. Go through it to open access to payment systems.
  • Choose the one that suits you best.
  • Withdrawal operations are made with the same payment method you previously selected.

In case you make deposits using different payment systems, the withdrawal is available on them proportionally to the percentage, based on the amounts deposited. Transactions made during the previous 30 calendar days are taken into account.


You can withdraw your winnings from the poker room to your ecoPayz wallet without any fees. But the currency must be the same as the one used in your account. The ecoPayz wallet number is 10 numbers. You can see it in your personal cabinet on the official website of the payment system or in the application.

With High-Speed Local Withdrawal you get your money to your bank account within a few hours. When withdrawing money, you first transfer it to your EcoPay account and then to your bank account. The fee is 10 euros. But that is not the only method. You can also use a wallet. Then a 5% fee is charged.

When sending money to a bank account, the source of funds is indicated, and a passport photo is uploaded. Money can be sent to wallet up to 5 times a day. The maximum amount of a single transaction, ecoPayz determines based on the user's status.


To withdraw money from PokerMatch to your Piastrix wallet, enter the necessary details in the form that opens. In particular, the number of the wallet is a unique numerical identifier. You can find it in the Personal Area of the payment system under the circle of your login. When you enter the identifier, you have to confirm your withdrawal request. For the verified users of Piastrix, there is no limit for the withdrawal amount.


Advcash directly supports PokerMatch. The payment system makes instant transfers, and works with cryptocurrency. There are different commissions for deposits and withdrawals. They depend on the currency and transfer system used. More specifics on the official Advanced Cash website, as conditions change from time to time. Here you can also see the identifier. It is mandatory to enter it when you transfer the money. It looks like a combination of the letter “U” and lots of numbers.


Among players from India another popular system is Skrill. Reliable money transfer system, which allows you to transfer both small and large amounts of money. The main advantage is the speed of transfer. 10-15 minutes and the money will be in your account. In order to complete your transaction, you need to enter the amount and your wallet number. This is your email address.


Active Neteller members are divided into VIP tiers: Silver, Gold, Diamond, or Exclusive. Each of them has its own privileges in the form of reduced commissions, higher limits, and more.

Withdrawals are made without commissions. To avoid losses on conversion, it is better to make cash out in the currency of the account.But this condition is valid only for users with initial status.

After choosing NETELLER payment system, a window opens where you have to enter the amount and number of your wallet. This is your e-mail address.

Credit and debit cards

One of the most popular ways to withdraw from Pokermatch India is via Visa bankcards. Transfers are only made to the same card that was used to deposit the funds. If the details have changed, you will need to make a minimum deposit with any valid card. This will open a transaction to receive your payout.

The Visa card is verified by PokerMatch. The procedure requires a digital picture of your card face. The middle digits of the card number must be hidden or masked in a graphic editor. Enough of the first six numbers and the last four.

The fee is 1.5-4%. The time of receipt of funds depends on a load of a poker room, the schedule of working days/weekends, and the bank's security service employment. Cashout requests are approved within 72 hours. It may take 3-10 days for your winnings to be received.

Andar Bahar

A simple card game. There are two boxes on the table - Andar and Bahar. One pack of cards is played. They start when the dealer reveals the first card – the Joker—and places it in the middle of the table. Participants place their bets by choosing one of the sides - Andar or Bahar. The winner is the one who guesses the side where the Joker hits.


There are four types of cryptocurrencies available at PokerMatch: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Tether ERC20. This withdrawal option from PokerMatch is designed specifically for those who are used to using virtual currencies.


Litecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Its main difference from the others is the speed of transactions, with Litecoin having a much higher transaction speed. Transactions are processed in up to 3 minutes. Litecoin is productive in the case of mining. There is a minimal fee for transactions between systems.

There are two ways to withdraw money from LTC:

  • Through an exchanger by selecting an exchange direction.
  • Through selecting an exchange direction and then an exchanger.

Details on how to do this can be found on the cryptocurrency's official website.

Cash Bitcoin

The main advantage of this cryptocurrency is the low fees. That's why PokerMatch often uses this method for maximum withdrawals.

In the withdrawal section, enter your bitcoin wallet address. If you don't remember it, open your wallet in another browser tab and copy your ID.

Next, decide on the amount you want to withdraw and confirm it. After successfully completing this step, you will get your withdrawal confirmation in the form of a transaction ID.

There are only three ways to withdraw Bitcoin Cash:

  • through an exchange;
  • through an exchanger;
  • By selling your coins.

Each of them has its pros and cons.


Withdrawing funds from a poker room to an Ethereum wallet is intuitive and easy. Funds are usually credited within 24 hours. Wait until this time has passed, and the money will automatically appear in your wallet. Subsequently, if you wish, convert it into traditional currency.

Tether ERC20

Tether ERC20 is a crypto-asset created on the Ethereum protocol. It is considered trustworthy and secure. Essentially, Tether ERC20 cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is backed by fiat currency (dollar, euro).

To transfer an asset from PokerMatch to a Tether ERC20 wallet, you need to enter the desired amount and the identification number of that very wallet. Wait until the money is credited. It happens automatically.

Regardless of how you withdraw money from PokerMatch, there are certain rules that apply:

Transfers to other people, not even close relatives, are prohibited.

If the account turnover is less than 10% of the deposit amount for poker games or less than 70% of the deposit amount for other games, the online casino may deduct 10% of the deposited amount as payment expenses.

Customers confirm the withdrawal schedule. Requests for withdrawal of winnings are processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you often transfer your winnings, we recommend you to monitor the withdrawal history from PokerMatch in the corresponding section. The data appears automatically. It compares the speed of data processing, transfer fees and other. This gives an understanding of which method is more profitable and faster.